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Zoho Corporation Interview Experience Set 1 (November 2015)

Round 1:

15 questions on c output tracing (only loops no pointers or higher concepts).

25 aptitude easy ones.

Round 2:

Q1. Given two lists of integers, print their union, intersection, and odd from first list and even from second list.

Q2. Find minimum distance between two given integers in a given array.

Q3. convert a number to mono number, mono number is a number which has all the digits same for eg. 1111, 555555 etc. and you can perform operations like adding consecutive numbers subtracting or leave them as it is.

Q4. given a matrix consists of 0 and 1 then find the minimum distance of 1 from each 0's and print all of them.

Q5. given a list of parent child you have to print how many grand child does a given person have? Q6. given list of a persons friends on fb and all his friends of friends. so he want to make all of them his friend so print all the persons who are not his friends so that he can send them request.

Round 3 (Advanced coding round):

There were 8 questions in total all were inter related. This was a matrix based question in which matrix was representing the city and at the cells there can be a customer or a taxi.

Q1. Given position of a customer and a taxi find minimum distance between them and print the path too.

Q2. Given a position of a customer and a taxi find in which level of radius the taxi lies.

Q3. Given a customer and two taxis find which one is nearer.

Q4. There are three types of taxis black, suv, normal which have their different capacity and price so send the nearest taxi according to the need of the customer.

Q5. Now they added road blocks and restricted areas in the matrix and now send the nearest taxi. (Solved using BFS).

Q6. Similar to Q5 with all the three types of taxis.

Round 4 (Tech + HR):

1. Discussion on academic projects.(Detailed discusion)

2. Discussion on my previous internship.

3. Why do you have this backlog? (They wanted talent so they dont bother about backlog, i mentioned reason about backlog then he said ohh cool..)

4. Little bit oops concept.

5. What do you know about zoho.

TIP – If you were extremely well in any of the second or third round then you are 99% selected.

Thankyou Geeksbix.

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