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Zillious Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Recently Zillious Company visited to our Campus here is my interview experience

1st Round

there was an online coding on codechef, there were 3 question...type on google--

1) Pour1 codechef(open first link..)

2) Valid parenthesis codechef(open first link...)

3) I dont remember third question... but this was something related to stack question...

i made two codes...and i was selected for the further rounds...they shortlisted 17 peoples...

2nd Round

I went to room and gave my resume to the interviewer and after that the interviewer asked me directly


1) Given an array of words u have to tell all the anagrams of the word...

example-- A[]={"dog","hear","earh","god"};

         output--- dog-god


I gave 3 solution to the problem... the discussion went on for 1:30 hour on this question the

Interviewer wanted me to optimize the solution.

After this round only three people were there for the third round.

3rd Round

I went to the room and the interviewer directly asked me one question without knowing about me.

1) you are given the two strings and you have to check that these two strings are interleaved with third string...(a standard DP problem)

I gave first recursion solution and after that he told me to code and explained the code, then he told me to optimize the solution and after that I gave him dp solution. He was satisfied with


2) He asked me another dp problem you are given a string u have to break a string into meaningful words and u are also given dictionary against that u have to check that I gave recursion solution and dp as well.

4th Round

1) In this round I was asked one puzzle. Don’t remember fully but something related with men and horse and u have to correct the time of the watch which is on hill something like that.

I asked for the hint ... he gave me some hint ... after that i came to the solution.

There was no HR round.

At the last they selected only two people...and I was lucky one.

All the recruiter were helpful... the interview went good.

To get into this company you should have good coding and good understanding for the puzzles as well.

Hope this would help you people.

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