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Teradata Interview Experience Set 3 (September 2015)

Package: - 6.5 lpa

Profile: Tester

Recently Teradata visited our campus for recruitment. Here is my interview experience.

1st Round(MCQ): Time: - 40 Minutes

There were total 20 objective questions form C,CPP(related to inheritance and virtual function),DS(related to stacks and trees), and OS(related to scheduling algorithms, fork system call and deadlocks). Questions were of medium level. Those who solved around 15 questions cracked the first round. There was no Negative Marking.

2nd Round (Technical F2F): Time: - 1 hr

  1. What is memory leak? He also asked me togive any example of memory leak .Then he asked what would happen if there is less memory in my system is there any disadvantage of memory leak.
  2. Write a program to insert element into linked list in sorted order. Firstly he asked to tell the approach then he told to write a code on paper.
  3. Two sorted arrays are given, you have to write a code to print all element in sorted order.

For example :

Input : A1{5,9,15,25} and A2{3,4,7,13,30}

Output : 3,4,5,7,9,13,15,25,30.

  1. Suppose 1000000 elements are there in an array in sorted order how many recursive call are needed to find a given element in array using Binary Search.
  2. What is value of x and y in below code :
int main()
  int x=0,y=1;
  printf(“%d %d ”,x,y);
  return 0;
  1. Define regression testing, why we use regression testing.
  2. Finally he asked me one puzzle that I have already studied.
    Puzzle – 25 horses.


3rd Round (Technical F2F): Time: - 1 hr 20 minutes

  1. Check whether string s1 is anagram of string s2.

      For example :

      Input : S1 : ACBD     and      S2 : CBAD

      Output : yes

      Input  : S1 ADBC      and      S2 CDABA

      Output : no

  1. Print all four digit numbers that satisfy given properties :

- it is a perfect square

-first half is perfect square

-second half is perfect square

        For example : 1681

       1681 is square number(41*41=1681)

       16 is square number(4*4=16)

       81 is square number(9*9=81)

  1. What is the output of the following statements?
char str[] = “”;
char *ptr = NULL;
sizeof(str) _____ ? sizeof(ptr) _____ ?
sizeof(*str) _____ ? sizeof(*ptr) _____ ?
strlen(str) _____ ? strlen(ptr) _____ ?
*str ________? *ptr _______?
  1. Code for height of the tree.
  2. Convert a Binary Tree into its Mirror Tree.
  1. Check tree T1 is Mirror Tree of tree T2.
  2. Given a textand a pattern, write a function to search given pattern in a text.
  3. Write recursive function to find length of string.
  4. Difference b/w NULL and ‘\0’.when we use NULL and ‘\0’ give example.

4th Round (HR ): Time: - 50 Minutes

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Discussion about my project.
  3. My hobbies.
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. What do you know about Teradata?
  6. After next 5 years where do you see yourself in the company?

5th Round (Telephonic HR Round): Time: - 20 Minutes

  1. Tell me abut yourself.
  2. Why I should hire you?

and some other questions related to HR.

Finally I got placed. J


-Be honest in front of interviewers.

-Write code on paper with corner cases.

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