Interview Experiences

Target Corporation Interview Experience Set 1 (November 2015)

First round(Online 1 hour):
This round was conducted on hackerrank.30 Multiple choice questions and 1 coding question.
Multiple questions were C output (8-10 questions), Data structure(5-6), Logical reasoning(4-5), Quantative aptitude (5-6).
Coding question was based on Fibonacci series. Level of difficulty for this round was easy.

Second Round(Technical interview 1 hour):

This round would be the toughest. Be prepared with whatever mentioned in your resume. They will grill you. Type of questions asked depends on the interviewing panel.
Object oriented programming concepts and data structures would be asked in depth.
Some of my friends were asked questions on networking.
Be confident and keep yourself cool in this round.

Third Round(HR + Technical 1 hour):

This round started with detailed discussion on my projects. Then many questions on current technology, Android phones etc…
She asked me to explain some situations where you worked as a team and the conflicts that came in and how did I solve them.
Few problems that you have faced in the college and give solutions to them.
Then other basic questions like what do you know about target? Why target? Etc.

Total 5 students were selected :)

Every round was a elimination round.
Target look for smart guys who can work in a team and who can fit into their company.
Be confident and always keep yourself cool.
For few students a third interview round was also done.
Prepare C MCQ from Geeksbix ,they really helped me a lot.

Thank you GeeksBix

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