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Software Innnovation Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)



Recently Software Innovation visited our campus for the post of developer ,the interview process consist of 4 rounds-:

Round 1:

It was an online coding test on Codility.It consisted of 3 questions :

1. First was an easy debugging question.

2. I have to write a function which takes two number as arguements and return a third number such that the first digit of first number was the first digit of third number and the second digit of third number was the first digit of second number and so on.

eg: 456, 7890 then it will return 4758690.

3. we are given 8 numbers a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h which represents the left lower and right upper coordinates of two rectangles which are parallel to the axes we have to find the combined area of these two rectangles.

eg:a=0 b=0 c=4 d=4 e=2 f=2 g=6 h=6 then the answer will be 28.

In this round there major concern was the correctness of your solution efficiency was not concerned as much.

they shortlisted 8 candidates.

Round 2:

Second round was basically a technical round.

he started with "tell me about yourself" and then he asked me to write a code for happy numbers he gave me hints when i was writing the code and after that he asked me about my fav. subjects and simultaneously he was going through my resume. Then he asked abt my project work and asked question based on that....after that he asked me about my fav subs I said datastructure then he asked several questions on graphs and he also asked oops concept and real life example of oops.

Final Round (HR):
final round was hr round
he started with tell me about yourself and then started telling about Software Innovation then asked me a simple puzzle and then he asked a design question he asked me to design a mouse what i ll consider the technology interface n all ..

Then after that he asked me if i had any ques..i asked him about the technology on which i ll be working and things which i will learn on joining Software Innovation then he told me about that.... after that we shake hands and the whole process was over..finally after waiting for 2 days the result came and i was among the 4 persons to be selected...

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