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SapLabs Interview Experience Set 3 (October 2015)

Round 1: Online round

This round consists of

-> Psychometric test of around 60 questions in 10 min.

-Tips: Same question in different-2 forms, better choose what you feel right and be consistent.

E.g. Q: - You like to make a lot of friends.

Q: - You feel uncomfortable among a lot of people around you.

Q: - You like to work in a team.

-> Designing Questions (10-15 questions)

- What does the given logo represent, what is hidden in the given logo, which model of the following phone is better etc.

-> Questions from software Engineering. (5-8 questions)

- Like for a given scenario which step of SDLC this scenario belongs to.

- Some testing questions (don’t remember)

-> Question from aptitude (15 questions) – seating arrangement, relationship, directions etc.

-> 1 debugging code – standard meeting room scheduling problem.

-> 2 programming questions

- For a given range of numbers (x, y) find the sum of digits of all the numbers in the range (x, y) inclusive. Eg:- (1,10) = 46

- MAXSUM PATH (dp) problem. (Trick – the matrix was received by the function by a single character pointer )

NOTE: -Efficient Time management was required.

-Coding questions had higher weightage. At least one code is must for selection for further rounds.

Round 2: Technical (40-45 min)

-> Discussion on operator overloading with examples.

-> Difference between class and data type.

-> Difference between Object based and Object Oriented Programming language.

-> Discussion on design patterns with real time example. (Singleton, factory method)

-> Software development models.

- He gave me certain user requirements and specifications and asked me to tell which model should be in this situation and why. Eg- for a “space jet project project” , “For Election system project”.

-> What is generalization and specification with example. I gave example to linklist as generalization and (stack and queue) as specification.

-> Discussion on Interest based project which I had mentioned in my resume , No discussion on academic based project.

- What is the idea behind the project?

- Challenges in the projects.

- How many people have used your application and their reviews?

-> 2 Puzzles –

- Secret mail puzzle

- A pen and cap together cost 1.10 rs , but pen is 1 rs more than the cap how ?

-> At the end he asked if I had any questions. I asked couple of good questions.

Round 3: Technical (45-50 min)

Asked about my interests, I said DS and Algorithms.

-> How would you ensure that searching time is always optimal in a tree. Basically he was asking about AVL tree and Red black Tree. – I said by keeping the tree balanced.

-> He gave me a list of numbers and asked me to draw a balanced tree – I drew AVL tree.

-> Why difference between height (left tree) and (right tree) is at most 1 in AVL tree.

-> Can’t we keep it 0 ? – I said possible only if tree is full.

-> Why RED-BLACK when AVL is already there.

-> Complexities of insertion, deletion and searching in AVL.

-> What data structure you have used in you project – I had used trie.

-> Discussion on trie , compressed trie and other Alternatives like N-Array tree. Example

-> Difference between Overloading , Overriding and hiding.

-> What is Interface? How would you implement it in C++?

-> Runtime Polymorphism and compile time polymorphism.

-> What is the difference between Virtual and Pure Virtual functions. In detail about implementation.

-> What is final keyword ?

-> How can a base class use the data of derived class ?

- I said not possible. Then i told him if a base class can be the friend class of derived of them it might be possible , I was not sure.

- Then discussion over friend class and friend function.

-> What is NULL pointer and Void pointer ?

-> Difference between malloc and calloc ? and little discussion over internal implementation.

-> OSI layers and Protoclos.

-> IP addressing , Subnetting , Subnet mask , default gateway , difference between router and gateway .

-> Why IPv6 ? problems with IPv4.

-> What is there in Routing Table ?

-> ARP & RARP, DNS and what protocol does DNS use?

-> At the end he asked if I had any questions. I asked couple of questions.

Round 4: Managerial Round (With hiring manager)

Tell me about youself.

How were you previous rounds?

What job role would like to have?

What will you do if your ideas conflict with others in team.

Is there any computer in the AC , he pointed towards the AC in the room.

Strengths and weakness

At the end he asked if I had any questions. I asked couple of questions.

Round 5:HR Round

Tell me about yourself.

How is your day so far?

Discussion about the project.

What will you do if your ideas conflict with others in team?

Strengths and weakness.

Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

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