Interview Experiences

SapLabs Interview Experience Set 2 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

Package: 9Lpa

1st round: 
--> Explain ur projects....With E-R diagrams.
--> What is referencial integrity.
--> What are the basic oops concepts....Explain each with code.
--> What is polymorphism..Explain with code.
--> Diff between C and CPP.
--> Explain Quick sort algo and write code for it.
--> Explain Quick sort and write code.
--> How run-time polymorphism is internally implemented.
--> For given string, for all possible substrings find der number of occurence in string(repeated strings)

2nd round:
--> What is runtime polymorphism....write a code for it.
--> Whats average case tmie complexity for binary search.
--> How u'll mathematically proove that height of tree is log n.
--> Puzzles..prisoner of alcatraz..
--> Indexing in dbms

--> Tell me about urself..
--> Family background.
--> Real life example which shows ur group work..
--> How will u count number of cars in a city by urself in 7 days..
--> If u r competing wid ur frnd hw will u feel wen dat frnd wins over u....If u cn help ur frnd by sacrificing ur part,will u help ur frnd..
--> How will u explain dbms to an 80 year old uneducated person..
--> What are ur strength and weaknesess according to ur father..according to ur frnds..according to urself...
--> What u have learned/done which was not part of ur academics....

--> Tell me about urself..
--> What motivates u..
--> What r d things dat cn demotivate u....real life example of it.
--> What u have learned/done which was not part of ur academics....
--> U r working on a project with ur frnd..u both hve ur own approaches to start the thing..but ur frnd is insisting of going wid her appraoch..wt u'll do??

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