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SapLabs Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

Package: 9Lpa

Hi, this is the brief documentation of my SAP Labs, India Interview.

I have applied through On Campus placement procedure.

Round 1: Online round:

This round consists of objective question on aptitude, C, C++, reasoning, designing. Apart from objective questions there were 2 coding questions, 1 debugging question(correct the logic of given program), and 1 essay writing was there. After clearing this round 33 got shortlisted for further procedure that was 2 technical + 1 Managerial + 1 HR. Every round was elimination round.

Technical Round 1:

Question were asked on C, C++, OOPs, You have to be very confident in your technical before appearing for SAP. There were questions on arrays and strings. They have given me to draw ER Diagram of some College Student scenario. They asked how will you implement your own indexing method for database. Distributed Computing concepts, how would you achieve it, what are the key point you should have to take care of.

They asked a puzzle, after solving they asked me to give a generalize solution by programmatic approach.

It was a very good conversation.

Technical Round 2:

As soon as I entered the interview room, Interviewer congratulated me on clearing the first round. Then she took a while to get an overview of my CV.

She asked about my project since I mentioned a website, I explained it thoroughly. You should be very clear with you project. Don’t mention any such things on which you haven’t worked, they will definitely come to know.

· Explain your contribution in project.

· There were question on Inheritance, give real life example.

· How runtime polymorphism related to inheritance.

· It was a quite good conversation.

· DS & algo: Make sure you are very good at this, it’s like a key.

Managerial Round:

It was a managerial round, there were no any technical question. In this round the interviewer were looking for management skills. They wanted to know how innovative are you? the way of your thinking. I was question some questions about myself and was told to share some real life experiences.

HR Round:

As soon as I entered the room, I was congratulated on clearing the three rounds. I was asked “how’s your day is going?” Then the discussion started about my previous round, how was that? Then general question about me, my hobbies, strength, weaknesses, my goal,

And most important thing before appearing for SAP do some homework about it, this will reflect your interest in company.

Finally the result was declared and I was lucky one.

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