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OFSS Interview Experience Set 1 (August 2015)

First Round(Online objective test):

Questions were asked from DS, DBMS, C++, Aptitude, English and Flowcharts. Basically this test covered everything. The level was pretty tough. 8 students were shortlisted after the first round.

Technical Interview: (50 minutes – 1 hour)

We were given to fill a 4 page form in which we were asked about some educational details and some HR type questions. This was supposed to be carried at the interview site.

The interviewer mainly focused on PL-SQL, SQL, C++ and Java and some OOPS concepts. OFSS does work in SQL, PL-SQL and Java. So brush up your SQL, PL-SQL and Java for OFSS interview. Some questions were:

Given a single function to swap two variables in PL-SQL, is it possible to pass a different data type each time? Suppose in the first call, I pass 2 integers, then two characters and so on. Can it be done in a single function?

Can the same be done in C++?

Difference between a Procedure and Trigger.

How do you declare Foreign Key in a table?

What is Cascade Delete?

Can two functions have the same name in PL-SQL, one being a standalone function and the other being in a package?

Some questions about my project.

Some HR type and situational questions, puzzles.

Why do we use Classes in C++ when we have Structures in C?

What are packages in PL-SQL?

Runtime Polymorphism and Function Overloading in C++.

HR Interview: (20 – 25 minutes)

My HR interview happened within 5-7 minutes after the Technical Interview.

It was more of a formality. She fired some questions from my resume. We had a general discussion about the company’s work culture. I asked some questions and cleared my doubts.

The results were out by night and 2 from our batch got selected for the post of Senior Consultant.


OFSS does focus on your communication skills as well as your understanding of Java and SQL, PL-SQL. Maintain a good eye contact with the interviewers and also a smile on your face while you are being interviewed. Try giving smart and convincing answers and be confident and honest in your approach.

All the best :)

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