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Informatica Interview Experience Set 3 (Aug 2016)

Profile: R & D Engineer
Package:11.32 Lpa
Eligibility: CGPA >= 6.5

Recently Informatica visited to our Campus for FTE recruitment.

Here is my experience.

Round 1 (45 Minutes): There are 30 MCQs (no negative marking) was asked and focus on following topics:

  • Data Structures
  • Operating System
  • Database Management
  • System Approx 32 students cleared 1st round.

    Round 2 (90 Minutes): There are 4 Questions asked to code on

    1. Given a string in encoded form, decode it. Some rules were explained in the question based on which we had to come up with an algorithm. (Cannot use temporary string) (3 Marks)
    2. Find Median of 2 sorted array(3 Marks)
    3. Floor and ceil from a BST(5 Marks)
    4. Find number of Islands(5 Marks)

    Only 8 students cleared this round who solved 3 or 4 questions and i was one of them solved all 4 questions :P

    Round 3 (60 Minutes) Technical interview:

    1. Discussion about Project.
    2. Oops Concept in details (Tips: Explain with Examples)
    3. What is virtual function, where it is use and how virtual function is implemented.
    4. Implement Vector class in C++ with exception handling.

    Round 4 (60 Minutes) Technical interview :

    1. Add two large number represented as strings.
    2. AVL Tree, Height of Tree, Max Heap, Minheap , Types of Tree
    3. B Tree (I told i don’t know).
    4. Find name and sum of salary of employees in a particular year, I wrote Query with help of group by.
    5. He asked me about my electives paper (Tips: Don’t tell those elective papers which you don’t know about otherwise they will ask questions from that paper).
    6. Asked about server side scripting language, i worked on PHP.
    7. What do you think about Informatica?
    8. Any Questions about company, i asked 4 or 5 questions about company culture, timing etc.

    Round 5 (20 Minutes) HR interview:

    1. How was your previous interview?
    2. How was your online coding round and asked about difficulties level of questions?
    3. What did you learn from previous rounds of interview?
    4. Tell me about your family.
    5. Do you drink? I said NO. so he asked me why ?
    6. Why should i hire you?
    7. Tell me something about yourself which makes you unique.
    8. Why did you not get a job after BCA?

    Round 6 (30 Minutes) Technical interview:

    1. Merge Intervals
    2. Difference between Process and Thread.
    3. What is Deadlock and conditions for deadlock?
    4. Difference between Hold and Wait and Circular wait.
    5. Producer and Consumer Problem.

    ** Interviewers were very helpful whenever i got stuck then they always help in right direction. Finally 2 students got placed and i was one of them :D


    1. Be cool and calm while solving coding questions and start with your approach of solving problem and after that write clean code.
    2. Always try to engage interviewers with your answer.
    3. Whenever you get chance to ask questions then be prepare for that.
    4. Always be honest while answering HR questions

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