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Informatica Interview Experience Set 2 (Aug 2016)

Profile: R & D Engineer
Package:11.32 Lpa
Eligibility: CGPA >= 6.5

Round 1(45 minutes)
MCQ based questions covering the following topics(30 question):
– Data Structures
– Operating Systems
– Database Management System

Round 2(90 minutes)
This was a an online coding round and had 4 questions:
– Given a string in encoded form, decode it. Some rules were explained in the question based on which we had to come up with an algorithm.(Cannot use temporary string)
– Find ceil value in a BST.
– Given a graph in the form of a matrix having either 0s or 1s, find the number of islands of 1s.
– Given two sorted arrays, find the median of the elements of the two arrays combined. (better do without using extra space)

All those who could solve three or more questions were selected for the next round(8 students were sleected).

The interview has 4 rounds, 3 technical and 1 hr

Round 3(Technical)

They started with normal introduction like tell me about your self ..

1. He started with question write all concept of oops then explain last 3 with proper defination and real time example ,he also asked where should use
these concept what are the situation where we use these concept .. like why using inheritance why not other concept ,
what difference come if i use other concept of oops rather then you are using...

2. Then he asked about my project.

3. After that he asked some simple question on project.

4. After that he asked me to write query to find second higest salary then he made it more complication by applying some
more condition on that..

6. Asked question given an array having some values you can jump from any place equal to the given value at that index asked to find minimum jump
require to reach end.... then he asked for logic to traversing path that followed for reaching end with minimum jump.

*then he told me to ask any question ??

Round 4(Technical)

7. Asked me to explain my c++ project in detail.. then he asked me to make class diagram ..
then asked question on working of project .. then question on relationship between classes .. why that relationship ?? ..
asked about algorithm i used in project ,how storing data .. some of general question.

8. Asked me to write optimize code for finding longest palindrom substring in given string.. expalain flow of program ...

9. Asked me write code for printing all possible permutation of given string..
..make recursion tree and explain flow of program.

Round 5(Technical)

10. started with how was my previous round .. what they asked

11. asked to write a query(simple nested query).

12. write a code to impliment stack in c .

13. write code for generic stack with working like stl stack.

14. write code pattern search in string.. which should cover all boundary cases.

15. write code for sum of two large number given in form of string .

16. Discussion on dbms project .. tables ,realationship ,key..

Then he told me to ask any question ..(always be prepare with some good question).

Round 6(HR)

1. why are you here... continue until he stop..

2. tell me about yourself.. continue until he stop..

3. y should i hire you ..

4. differance between co curricular activities and extracurricular activities.. tell your both kind activities..

5. some -ve point of NITT ..

6. Sport in which you are intrested ... tell rules.. position of players in game ... 3 internation team name and some famous players name..

7. general question on my achievements ... about reallocation ....

Then he told me to ask any question

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