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Informatica Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer
Package:10.4 Lpa

The interview has 5 rounds, 4technical and 1 hr

Round 1(Technical)

They started with normal introduction like tell me about ur self and subjects u like..

First he asked some common puzzle

1. You have 2 rope and each rope take 1hour time to burn completely then measure 90 min and 45 min using that rope.

Burn the ropes

2. 2nd puzzle was :
Connect all the 9 points given in 3*3 matrix using only 4 lines.

9 dots and 4 straight lines

3. After that he asked question on project which i have done in my semester

Write a php code for authentication of username and password.

Connection to the server.

4. Difference between oracle and mysql DB.

5. You don’t have sizeof operator, find the size of unsigned int and the max value that it can hold.

6. What is big endian and little endian

7. How memory is allocated under Unix and windows – their difference.

8. You have so many local language like telgu, kannad, etc. How will ur system identify that which language is typed or given.

9. ASCII code and Unicode.

10.a) Wap to find that given linked list is circular or not.
b) You don’t know the head of Linked list. A ptr is given to the random node, and find head of sorted circular LL, random node ptr is given.

11. Wap to print all the leaf node of a tree.

12. Wap to print level order traversal.

13. What is heap, stack, .bss, and memory management in c.

2. Round 2(Technical)

14. Given that there are two tables in DB write a query which perform join operation on them. And write a query using only select which give the same output as the above query.

15. what is cursor can we roll back cursor ,what operation can be done using cursor.

16. wap to find the inorder successor to a given node ,when parent is given and when parent is not given.

17. you have inorder, preorder, postorder, levelorder traversal of tree ,now you have to make a unique tree, what combination u need and why other combination cannot make a unique tree explain?

18. code for printing all permutation of a string.

3. Round 3(Technical)

19. What is hashing ,types of hashing, why we need hashing...

20. Given a graph which have a source and a destination in between them there is i level and every level has m vertex which are connected to each other find all the paths between source to destination. Write a pseudo code for that.

21. Design the DB for a department(student, teacher, departments).

22. We have n stream each stream is giving the output of string of integers in sorted order , you have to make a single stream which gives the output of sorted integers.

4. Round 4(Technical)

23. You have a table which have three attribute ItemCode, quantity, price.

24. Write a query which show the itemcode and total Quantity sold of that item

25. Write a query to print itemcode, total quantity sold and total price earned by selling the product.

26. Now u have above data in a file write a efficient c-program that print the above output.

27. There is two LL merged in a point create two separate LL in O(n) time.

28. Find the merging point of LL in a one pass.

5.Round 5:-

HR round- tell me about ur family background, ambitions, why should I hire u?

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