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Incture Technologies Interview Experience Set 3 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

Round1: MCQs written test: Time 45 minutes

40 questions:

10 verbal ability -> which contains spotting errors, synonyms, antonyms, spellings, ordering of words, sentence correction, and verbal analogies.

10 aptitude ->most of the questions from time and work, problems on trains, profit and loss, average, simple and compound interest, clock, boat and stream. (all questions were of easy level)

10 English -> Analogies, statement and conclusion, statement and arguments, etc.

10 Technical -> (C -> (3 ques), C++ -> (2 ques), OS -> (1 que), DBMS -> (2 queries), DS -> (2 que))

Round2: Subjective written test: Time 30 minutes

3 questions:

1) Write an algorithm or represent using flow chart.
You want your college to run completely on solar power, how you will do it.

2) Write an algorithm or represent using flow chart.

An Idea/product you want for your business. How will you go for it?

3) Write in maximum 250 words.

Two things in your life that shaped you what you are today, Describe how?

Round3: Face to Face HR + Technical round: Time 30-45 minutes

Two members were there.

1.) Tell me something about yourself.

2.) What are the things which inspire you?

3.) What is your passion?

After that he suddenly asked, are you interested in puzzles?

I said yes, and then he asked the following puzzles.

4.) You have a 12 litre container of wine and you want to give your friend 6 litres. Your friend has only a 5 litre container and an 8 litre container. How can you give your friend 6 litres without spoiling a drop?

5.) Tarun light two candles for study. Thick candle takes 6 hour to melt and thin takes 4 hour. Tarun slept while studying. How long tarun study if at that time thick candle length is twice the length of thin candle?

6.) Huge Discussion on my projects and its future aspects.

7.) Discussion on the RESUME, i.e. extra curriculum activities, hobbies, etc.

8.) Discussion on my life changing moment which I wrote in previous round (i.e. round 2).

This round was quite easy, as they were looking for your communication skills and your confidence level and in which way you present your views. J

Round4: Face to Face Technical round: Time 45-60 minutes

One member was in panel

1.) Tell me something about yourself.

He asked me do you know core java I said “no, I don’t know java, I know only OOPs concepts, data structures and algorithms, OS and DBMS” as they are my area of interests, and then he said ok fine I will not ask you questions from java. J

Then he started asking questions related to OOPs which as follows:

2.) What is Data Binding?

3.) What is Name space, can you create your own namespace and can we have classes in namespace?

4.) Can we have virtual constructor and destructor?

Then he asked few questions related to Data Structure.

5.) What is Double tree?

He was trying to confuse me on double tree, but I stayed on my words then he said, “I was looking for your confidence level”.

6.) Discussion on Hashing, what is linear probing and chaining?

Then he told, “Are you interested in coding right”? I said, “Yes”. He asked one problem on it.

7.) Suppose you have a 20 pages word file which contain an auto biography of someone like you, and also given one string says, “hello, I am tarun and i want to work with INCTURE Technologies”, now you need to find out the count of all the permutations of each word appear in 20 pages file, and the count should be separate, how will you do?

He said, “I need the solution in proper format, i.e. first you will tell the approach, then write steps and then start coding.”

I used hashing to solve this and gave the solution, but he was trying to push me to modify the solution and always telling that think in another way, and after 10-20 minutes he satisfied with my approach. Then he said

11.) Do you want to ask anything? (I asked a lot more questions related to projects that they probably give to fresher and environment about the organization).

Round5: Face to Face Technical + HR round: Time 15-20 minutes

Four members were in panel

1.) Are you interested in puzzle, I said yes. He asked, you are trying to cook a Maggi for exactly 15 minutes, but instead of a timer, you are given two ropes which burn for exactly 1 hour each. The ropes, however, are of uneven densities – i.e., half the rope length-wise might take only 2 minutes to burn. How can you cook the Maggi for exactly 15 minutes?

2.) What is insertion sort (pretty much easy J )?

3.) Asked me why should we hire you?

4.) Will you be able to work for late night?


1. You should have communication skills at least you can expand you views.

2. You must be Confident.

3. Give as many real time examples as you can give.

Should be good in basic concepts.

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