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Incture Technologies Interview Experience Set 2 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

1st Round - There were 40 questions out which there were 10 aptitude questions, 10 questions on C & C++, 10 questions from Logical Reasoning and 10 Questions on verbal Reasoning.

Questions were very simple and easy to find the answer but there were some questions on English like correct /incorrect sentences, find out odd one, passage, synonym and antonym etc.

Since, the cutoff was quite high, therefore one has to concentrate both on accuracy and speed.

It was not elimination round.

2nd Round –

There were 3 questions.
Q1- Design any product with its features and strategy for product marketing.
Q2- How to run your college on solar system. Draw flow chart for it.

Q3- Write down 2 remarkable experiences which you had in your life.

20 candidates were shortlisted after considering the performance of both the rounds.

3rd Round (HR round) He asked to tell about myself. He had my resume and was asking question based on it. As I earlier told him that I am interested in analytical thinking so he asked one puzzle which is as follows

You have 2 candle and light it for study. Thick candle take 6 hour to melt and thin take 4 hour. When you slept while studying .how long you study if at that time thick candle length is twice the thin candle.

After this he asked me in which subjects you are good. I told him that I am good in Data Structures and Algorithms, C++. He was very impressed with my curricular activities and pointers.

At the end he gave me a positive indication and told me to do well in Technical Round. J

4th Round (Technical Round)This round starts with my brief intro as in 3rd round.
He started with java and following were the questions related to the same:-
Q1- Default Access Specifier in Java.
Q2- What does public static void main () means. Explain each of it.
Q3- what is Java Multithreading. How does it works?

Later, again he asked me about the subjects in which I can say I am best in. I replied DS then he asked in which Data Structure you find difficulties to implement then I replied Graph.
Then he asked whether I ever have implemented Graph. As I already mentioned in my resume that I have used graph in my project, so he told me to write the code for Graph wherever I implemented it in project. Then I explained it in very detail and he was very impressed with my performance.

His next question, what is Dynamic Polymorphism explain with the proper code.
Then difference between singly linked list and doubly linked list.

5th Round (HR round):

Q1- Why should we hire you?
Q2- If you have to work in late night will you?
Q3-Will you lie if we ask you to lie for us?

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