Interview Experiences

Incture Technologies Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Round1: MCQs written test: Time 45 minutes

40 questions: 10 verbal ability, 10 aptitude, 10 English, 10 Technical

Round2: Subjective written test: Time 30 minutes

3 questions:
1) Write steps or represent using flow chart.
You want your college to run completely on solar power, how you will do it.

2) Write steps or represent using flow chart.

An Idea/product you want for your business. How will you go for it?

3) Write in maximum 250 words.

Two things in your life that shaped you what you are today, Describe how?

Round3: Face to Face HR round: Time 20-30 minutes

Two members in panel. 2-1

Tell something about yourself.
Looked through resume, Percentage of 10th, 12th, UG, PG, Project, skills , co-curricular & extra-curricular achievement’s, and various basic questions about things mentioned in resume.

Discussion on the 3rd question of round 2.

What was your rank in entrance exam?

Why didn’t I choose some other college?

Questions about an event which I won, and an event which we conducted.

A puzzle: You have a jar containing 12 litres of milk and two more jars of 5 and 7 litres, you have to measure 6 litres milk without wastage.(On asking was told you can use all three jars.)

Measure 6 liters

Round4: Face to Face Technical round: Time 45-50 minutes

Tell me something about yourself.

Discussion on question 2 of second round.

Going through the resume he asked about real time project that I did, various thing how you got this project, what difficulty did you face doing it, what was your role in project?

Do you know Java?

Write c code to find a number is Armstrong or not?

Write code for palindrome checking?

Write code for reversing a string?

Do you know oops concepts?

Explain Abstraction and Encapsulation.

Abstraction and encapsulation both do data hiding, then what is the difference. (Explained referring book Object-Oriented Analysis & Design by Grady Booch taking example of mechanical cat).

Asked me do you want to ask anything? Asked him few questions.

Round5: Face to Face Technical + HR round: Time 15-20 minutes (Panel Interview)

Asked about my skills, goals, passion.

Asked which databases are you aware of?

Asked what difference between unique and primary key?

On answering was put on another question.

A table has two columns both have values that are not-null and unique, which one will you choose as primary key?(on asking was told they columns will not have null any time in future as well, now which one will be/or should be the primary key).

If you have another table then, I said on basis of foreign key and explained.

Do you know triggers and procedures?

Explain how trigger functions and when it works?

Then some more basic HR questions.

Things that too matters:


Eye contact.

Clarification on questions is you did not get anything in it.

Smile on face.


Be what you are.

Be honest to interviewer.

Be positive.

Giving real time examples.

Thank you GeeksBix

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