Interview Experiences

IBM Interview Experience Set 3 (September 2015)

First Round (Multiple Choice Questions):

Numerical series questions(18) level was average

Aptitude questions(18) level was easy

Second Round:

Multiple Choice Questions:

Output Questions of C,C++

Operating System –questions from deadlock(numerical based),theoretical questions as well

Design Patterns(around 2 to 3 questions were from design patterns)

Networking questions(numerical based- given an IP address find the hosts and subnets,related to time delay,repeater,router)

Third Round: Technical interview (1hr + 30min)

The interviewer asked me about my favorite subjects and I said Data Structures, Algorithms, OOPs and O.S. He then started with the interview part.

a) Represent given polynomials in linked list. Add two polynomials in linked list and store the resultant into third linked list.

b) Merge Two Linked List

c) Deletion in Linked List

d) He asked me to tell all sorting algorithms. write code for Selection sort and bubble sort .

d) Given an integer number. Convert it into binary number and find the number of 1’s in it.

e) Then he gave me some output questions on pointers.

f) Difference between structure and union

g)Then he gave me one structure and asked me to find size of structure without using sizeof.

h) Structure Padding

Operating System- Detailed discussion on Process and Thread. Difference between them.

Difference between mutex and spinlock.

Difference between mutex and binary semaphore.

Thread synchronization? What is its need?

Third Round: HR interview (20-30mins)

This round started with, Tell me about yourself and then detailed family background.

I had mentioned three projects in resume. He asked all three projects in detail. Challenges faced in doing project. Concepts of OOPs. Implemented in my project.

Strength, Weakness and values.

Work which you did in team, what was your role in it? Challenges faced in team?

What are the things that you have learned from all your Managerial activities?

Any challenging situation in college which you faced and faced successfully and few more questions.

Most interesting subject for you?(I said operating System)

Then he asked why you have not worked on any operating system project even when you have all resources in college?

If in company you will be asked to work on any other thing from Operating system what will you choose( I said cloud computing ;)). Then few basic questions on cloud computing.

Then he asked me to ask a question?

That’s it.

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