Interview Experiences

IBM Interview Experience Set 2 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

Package: 10Lpa

IBM Interview Experience

First Round:

(Each question has a timer of 2:15 min)

Numerical series questions (18) (level average)

Aptitude questions (18) (calculative)

Second Round(Pen and Paper test):

Multiple Choice Questions-

Output questions – C, C++ (Concept based), OS (Deadlock, Semaphore and mutex, Concept based),

Networks (Numerical related to IP address, Subnet Masks and basics)

Third Round: (Technical Interview)

Tell me about yourself.

Process concepts.


Process Scheduling.

Demand Paging and other basic concepts of OS

When a process enters into a system how it gets stored in hard disk?

How much you rate yourself in C and few basic output questions of C.

Implement strstr () in C.

One problem related to input and output using files in C (I don’t exactly remember the question).

Do you want to ask anything?

Fourth Round: (HR)

Tell me about yourself.

I told that I have leadership qualities,

Then questions asked were – Give some live example where you act as a leader, what challenges you faced, if someone doesn’t cooperate how you handled those situations etc.

Asked everything which I wrote in my extra-curricular activities and college life, clubs, committees, fests, tech-symposium.

Tell something about your project.

How many people were involved, what was your role, what are you good at, what difficulties you faced while making the project, what data structure you used, why you selected this topic.

What happens when we switch on the system? (I answered correctly and explained the whole process, he was satisfied)

Would you like to work with us?

Do you have any questions?

Finally I got selected.

NOTE: Always gather some material for yourself and speak till he doesn’t stop you. Your way of answering questions and communication skills are very important, work upon that.

Good Luck.

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