Interview Experiences

IBM Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer

Package: 10Lpa

1st Round(Online MCQ test):
There were 36 questions. This test was divided into two sections: Number series (18 questions) and aptitude(18 questions). Aptitude was more calculative and were simple arithmetic questions(time consuming).This was time based test.For each question 2.15 minutes were given to answer. You have to click next button before 2.15 minutes to get your answer recorded. Answering around 20 questions right will take you to the next round.
For number series solve previous questions of IBM. Most questions will be repeated.

2nd Round(Written):

30 MCQ questions . Time allotted was 45 minutes.Questions were from C,C++,numerical from OS and networking, Design patterns… Cutoff went around 15 questions.

1st Round (Technical):
MY interview lasted for around 1 hour 45 minutes. Interviewer started with my extra curricular activities. I had worked as writer on a blog so he asked me about few articles I wrote. Then he asked me few questions on them .He asked about ssd , flash and then the algorithm used to store data in storage devices. We spent about 15 minutes talking on this. Next he came on to my projects. He asked everything in detail. Be clear about everything you used in the project. He asked my about file handling in C++ because my project used it. Then he started asking me networking questions like OSI model layers, work of each layer,webservers, routers, switch, MAC address, IP address ,do mobile phones have MAC address….We spent about 30 minutes on networking.
He wanted every answer to be explained in detail. Now he asked about dbms. Several questions like sub query, joins, normalisation…
Next he asked to me how to find a loop in a linked list. I gave him two pointers approach. He told me to explain it. We discussed about terminating condition of the loop and what if there is no loop etc.. He asked for some other approach .I told him about hashing technique(storing addresses).He was satisfied. Then he asked me few questions in OS. Thread , process, difference btw them . Then he asked me what I know about Linux. I told him about few commands. He asked me to explain how KILL command works. I explained him all the signals sent by KILL command. Next He askedme to code a program for random number game. I coded. Then he asked me how will I terminate this program without modifying the code. He hinted me towards KILL command . I told him about keyboard shortcuts for sending signals. He was impressed :)
He asked few questions about javascript, multithreading (I told him how to do it in JAVA).Few questions on subjects in my current semester(Cloud computing ,software agents).He covered almost every subject in my entire curriculum.

2nd Interview (HR round)(45 minutes):
For others a 2nd technical round was taken but for me it was a HR round. The interviewer was nice. He told me about himself and then asked about me.
Then he discussed all my three projects. And again here we were talking about current technologies. I told him all current technologies I knew .He too was impressed :)
He asked me about my long term goal.
Asked me more about myself.

TIPS: Focus more on the OS concepts and Linux commands. And be very clear about your projects.

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