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Citicorp Interview Experience Set 6 (September 2015)

Profile: Data Analyst

Round 1:

Some Aptitude, English, DBMS, C questions were there. Questions were very easy.

Round 2:

He asked me about my both projects and tell me to explain in depth. He asked me many questions based on my projects later he asked did you make any DBMS project.

I replied in second semester I made, then he asked me to explain that project (LL I don’t even remember my DBMS project name properly). Whatever I recalled I told him and then he asked DBMS queries on my project.

He asked about view, difference between group by and order by and some more questions related to DBMS. At last he told me that you have interest in technical but we want nontechnical person but I somehow convinced him that I don’t want to be in technical.

After this round I was in shortlist.J

Round 3:

It was panel round two persons were there. First thing they asked my name pronunciation as both person were south Indian and they did not know it correctly then they asked me did you know what the profile is.

I replied yes then he told most of your batch mates don’t know this. Then he gave me some scenario and told me to make tables and relation between those tables. Then they asked some queries but I did not reply for each and every query correctly as I don’t have interest in DBMS at all.

They asked some questions based on joins, null values in DBMS. These questions were really typical.

Placement is all about luck in my case. This was the worst interview I ever had then also I got selected. All of my preparation for OOP , data structure and OS are completely wastage.

TIP :- Have confidence and show the interviewer that you really want to be part of this company.

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