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Citicorp Interview Experience Set 5 (September 2015)

Profile: Data Analyst

Round 1: Objective Test, Total 50 questions.

Questions from C, DBMS, SQL , Aptitude, Data Interpretation, verbal reasoning and reading comprehension.

I attempted 35(approx) and in interview I got to know that only 2 question were wrong J

Round 2: Technical interview

It started with Tell me something about yourself.

Then detailed discussion on project (Being a part of committee, an event’s database, Tables design).

6-7 queries based on above table using various aggregate function, group by and order by clause.

Normalization and its various types and examples.

Joins and its various types with venn diagram description.

Indexing and Hashing with advantage and disadvantages and various uses of both.

Dense and Sparse index.

B+ tree.

Different types of keys (primary, foreign, natural, surrogate, simple,  composite etc.)

Define Linked List.

Two mathematical puzzles.

Referential integrity and referential integrity constraint.

Key constraint and domain constraint.

Partial and alternate key(I was not able to answer L rest all the question I answered J).

At the end of this round the interviewer became very friendly and asked some question on my college life and some family related Question.

Then he told me to ask some questions and I asked some.

At the end of this round 8 students were shortlisted and I was one of them J

Round 3: Technical + managerial

As soon as I entered the room, interviewer asked me how was your 1st interview.

He told me to design credit-card specific database for Citibank

Under some constraints and present that on white-board. Then some questions based on that database.

What is view?

How bank makes money?

What is your interest?

Why Citicorp ?

Where do you see yourself after 2 and 5 years respectively ?

What technology drives you most?

Many other questions like this.

CEO of citi ?

Then he told me to ask questions and I asked one.

After this round 4 students were shortlisted.

Round 4: Telephonic HR

Again tell me something about yourself.

Then questions entirely on resume.

Extra and co-curricular activities.

After this round all the four students got placed including me J


Have some knowledge about CITI.

Basic Knowledge of DBMS and SQL

Be Confidence while talking to interviewers.

Good communication is must.

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