Interview Experiences

Citicorp Interview Experience Set 4 (September 2015)

Profile: data analyst


Total Questions: 50

Time duration: 60 min.

10 from c/c++, 10 from dbms, 10 from appti, 10 from DI, 10 from English

I have done nearly 25-28 correct. And there was no negative marking.


Face – to –Face

Time duration: 50 min

1) Tell me about your self.

Then he told me don’t give general intro tell me about you casually not your family and qualification.

2) He told me to explain my c++ project on board. He was asking many question related to that.

3) He told me that he is a buyer and I should try to sell my project to him.How you will I convince him.

4) What is view.General talk. He tried to convince me that I am more interested in Development profile not in data analyst profile

5) Top two profile choices( Data analyst and business intelligence was my ans)

6) You have done both coding project then why you are interested in data analytics profile

7) City choices.


Panel round

Time duration: 50 min

1) Tell me about yourself.

2) What you know about this compan?

3) He told me what your father do, I said business(flour and spices) he told me to make database of it( ER diagram) and then he was adding on new things and both interviewers were firing on lot of questions.

4) He then asked three queries to me.

How many times each customer visited?
Top 5 selling products.
Convert string ’20-10-1999’ to data type date without cast operator.

I was able to do only one.

5) What does term bank means according to you.

6) City Preference.

Round 4:

Telephonic (formality)

Time duration: hardly 2 min.

1) Your name?

2) You have done this project (mentioned in my resume) alone?

3) Why citycorp?


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