Interview Experiences

Citicorp Interview Experience Set 3 (September 2015)

Profile: Analyst
Package: 9LPA

Round 1:Written Test(Negative Marking-0.5)

Aptitude(P&L,Ratio & Proportion,Coin Distribution,SI,Time & Distance,Time & Work)

Technical-C & C++(Output Question),Database(refer geeks for MCQ) and one Case Study-Database Tables will be given and 2-3 SQL queries on those tables.

Round 2:Techinal+HR Round

Basic knowledge of c,c++.

DBMS:Normalization,PL/SQL(Cursors,Procedures,Triggers),SQL Commands.

They go through your resume and ask you what other languages you know.Ask you about the subjects you have mentioned in your resume.

May ask you about your project.

P.S.:If you are lucky then you will get selected for next round... :P

Round 3:HR Round(Panel Round)

Check you problem solving ability

Give you real life based scenarios and ask for solutions.

(To Me:Diesel Jeans Brand company manager wants you to investigate about the downfall in the sales,so what actions you will take?)

Questions on your Hobby.

Questions about their Company.

Round 4:HR Round

About you,your family,friends,goals,locations you want.

After this results came and i was selected...

INSTRUCTIONS:(very important)

Before going to PPT please go through Company details(no.of employees,countries,revenue blah blah)

Show them that you are interested in their company.

Be focused,confident.(Rounds are very easy..)

If you dont have any interest in joining this company then don't apply because your wrong behavior will affect those who are very much interested in joining the company.


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