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Citicorp Interview Experience Set 1 (August 2015)

Profile: Analyst
Package: 9 LPA

Citicorp Services visited our campus on 22 Aug,2015, they had 2 profiles one for B Tech. & M Tech. i.e IT Analyst offering 13 lpa(12 fixed +1 joining bonus) & other was for MCA i.e Data Analyst offering 9lpa.

Round 1(Paper pencil test):

On the same day we had Pre Placement Talks & just after PPT in the same room there was paper pencil test(MCQ's with 50 ques in 1 hr) for MCA's consisting of questions from C,C++,SQL, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretations & Quantitative aptitude. After 1st round they shortlisted 18 candidates.

Round 2( Technical Interview)

On the same day we had our 2nd round that was purely technical, they asked lot of questions on my project mentioned in my resume, in details they intrigued me on my project, after that they switched to DBMS & initially asked some elementary concepts like indexing, sequencing etc , after that they asked me to write some queries which i guess i dint do correctly they were quiet complex most of the queries used concepts of Having & Group by clause. They asked me if I have interest in technology like how Facebook works, any new technology in market which am aware of ?

Round 3(Panel Interview):

On the next day we had our 3rd technical round it was a panel interview with 4 on 1, starting they asked me to introduce myself to them with something that is not mentioned in my Resume, again they asked few SQL queries & asked me to solve one of the query which was given to me in 2nd round & i was not able to do, i was not able to do it again this time, so they asked me if i tried to do it after i went from here, i said yes i discussed with my friends but dint solve it, next they asked my favourite subject ,I said Network & data communication then they asked questions on them like how DHCP allocates addresses etc etc , all basic questions, then they switched to OS asked me what i like best in OS i said JOB Scheduling, then questions were asked on it, they asked me how shortest job first determines the length of each process before execution & also gave me to calculate which one is faster " calculating n!" or" prime numbers less than n" & how ? i need to explain them. After this again some DBMS Concepts,

They asked me if i have other interests apart from studies & what i do to pursue them etc etc.

Round 4(HR Round):

After this i was sent for HR round which mainly focussed on why i took a year break after third sem all questions related to that, which location I would prefer?

why am not joining my family business ?? why i want to join Citicorp Services ?

How long am planning to stay at citicorp?

What are my future plans i.e where i see myself 5 yrs from now?

then i a was asked to question them...i just asked about any feedback for me ? anything i need to work upon??

finally result was declared in around 2 hrs & 4 from MCA including me & 10(Btech & mtech ) got selected

Key to crack Citicorp is to be very well prepared with your Projects & DBMS concepts & Queries, apart from these you need to be confident & smart in your attitude.

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