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Citicorp Interview Experience Set 2 (September 2015)



Recently Citicorp visited our campus for the post of data analyst the interview process consist of 4 rounds-:

Round 1:

First round was basically a technical written, the questions are from c, c++, sql, and DI.

they shortlisted 18 candidates.

Round 2:

Second round was basically a technical round.

he started with "tell me about yourself" and then asked me about my fav. subjects and simultaneously he was going through my resume. Then he asked abt my project work and asked question based on that....after that he asked me about my fav subs I said datastructure he said why i replied its logical then he said me did u like puzzle i said yes..then asked me 3-4 puzzles to which i gave near to correct ans he was satisfied with that the round lasted for about half hour..
After that round they shortlisted 6 candidates..

Third Round:
Third round was a panel interview 4 interviewers were there in the panel.

they started with my hobbies and asked ques about that...they asked me what extra things that i have learned other than my course or studies..i said abt my skills that..sir i can lead well he said me how i gave him examples of the events that i have organised under my leadership then the discussion went on about how i manage the conflicts and other things delays and timeline etc to which i gave examples,how i really handle that situation they were really interested in knowing all the things.... then they asked me about any events and competition that i won i said i was the mr. eve :D of my freshers party to which they all started smiling then they asked me if i had any question i have none so they asked me that we will tell the results later..

After that round 4 persons were selected..I was one of them..;)

Final Round (HR):
final round was hr round
he started with tell me about yourself and then asked question about my family and my schooling and past ..then he asked me why i like to join citicorp..then asked me about my dream company and why i am not selected in that and some more question which i didn't remember he gave me list of 4 companies and said that if given a chance which u would choose and why he is just checking my confidence and ability to react in given situation..

Then after that he asked me if i had any ques..i asked him about the work culture and things which i will learn on joining citi then he told me about that.... after that we shake hands and the whole process is over..finally after waiting 2 hrs the result came and i was among the 2 persons to be selected... :) :)

that's all that i had ..if u want to join citicorp then be bold and confident..

Best of luck
:) ;)

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