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Analytics Quotient Interview Experience Set 2 (September 2015)



First Round: objective

Aptitude (45 min) + Technical (45 min)

Aptitude 4 Section

Quantative Aptitude + Comprehension Skills + Verbal Aptitude +Data Interpretation

Technical 4 Section

Data Structure + OOPS + C Programming + Database

Aptitude RS Agarwal Level

Technical Simple Basic output + query.

Second Round: Paper Coding

Two Problems are given;

1-Array Problem –

Find the highest Sum of Sequence in array which have consecutive natural numbers( 1 2 3 4, 11 12 , 91 92 93)

Ex- 21 192 12 11 1 2 3 200 18 19

Result – 18 + 19 = 37

Note: A single element is not a sequence as 200 is not ans.

2-String Problem-

Find the Shortest Palindrome string by adding prefix to the String;


Result- MADAM

Final Round ( Technical Interview Round );

Which programming language you like most?

My answer was C and C++,

After that all question was on projects mention in resume ( C++ and DBMS ) only, they have not ask any question on my first project (in PHP & MYSQL)

Explain my C++ Project and some cross question on this.

he asked, how will you convert C++ project into C language, that means which basic data structure you use without using any library functions and how will manage the complexity of your project.

Question on DBMS Project (E-Post Office)

Q-How will you give the tracking no. for each Speed post more than 1000 speed post per day?

Q-How will user search efficiently using tracking no. that means searching should be in O(1)?

Thank you GeeksBix

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