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Analytics Quotient Interview Experience Set 1 (September 2015)

Profile: Developer
Package: 5.5 Lpa

First Round:

It consisted of two tests…

First test is about Aptitude , English( 2 comprehension passages), Verbal Reasoning (like Syllogisms), Data Interpretation(2).

This test is for 45 mins.

Second test was technical. In that that have asked about C,C++,DS,DBMS.

This test is also for 45 mins.

After this round 19 people got shortlisted for second round.

Second Round:

This wascoding round.It consists of 2 questions.

1. Find maximum sequential sum in a given array.


{1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 3, 11, 13}

In the above array the max sequential sum is =15 ( sum of {4,5,6} ).

2. You are given with a string and you have to add a minimum prefix string so that the resultant string will become palindrome.


Given string is “DAM”.

If u add “MA” before that string it will become “MADAM”. So the resultant string is palindrome string.

After the second round 10 people got selected for the final round.

Final Round(Technical):

In this round they mainly focused on my DBMS project.

And they have given me some real time problems like

1. If there is only one cinema ticket is available in the online booking and two users want to book the ticket… so how will u handle this situation..?

2. If u are given with a city name you have to print the all movie hall names in that city.. for this which data structure u will use .?

3.If u are given with a string and u have to find whether it exists in the database or not … for this which data structure u will use and how will u implement it?

Finally they told me to ask some questions..

I asked some questions regarding their company...

After two hours they declared results And I got placed in AQ…J J

Thank you GeeksBix

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